5 Things I've learned while in Quarantine

Like most of you I have spent the past 500 weeks "laying low" with my family in our home. My husband has been working from home, my kids have been schooling from home, and I have been doing a hell of a lot more dishes. Obviously the circumstances are scary, troubling, heart-wrenching...do I even need to go on? But as an eternal optimist I alway try to find the silver lining whenever I can, so I wanted to share with you some "positives" that I have learned while quarantining. I hope that you have discovered some "positives" along the way too (even if you've had to dig for them a bit.)

1.) I do not need a dry cleaner. I know we have all had our quarantine uniforms over the past 500 weeks and mine has included one very lovely grey cashmere sweater from the company formerly known as J.Crew. (By the way, if you are not quarantining in a cashmere - you are doing it wrong.) After the first two weeks I realized very quickly that my grey sweater would need to be washed as opposed to dry cleaned and low and behold...it's possible! Who knew? (Ok - probably most of you....) But I was thrilled to discover that with a little detergent and some hand-washing, I could spruce up my sweater and carry on in comfort.

2.) Looking good and feeling good go hand in hand. I'm SO happy to announce that what I have been claiming for years is now scientifically proven! I can (without a doubt) testify that a shower and a little bit of make up (it doesn't even have to be a lot of make-up) can improve your mood by roughly 300%. Just imagine the possibility once we all start wearing pants again!

3.) I hope you are wearing water-proof mascara when I tell you that I have discovered that I need my family more than they need me. It's true. I know my family needs me to feed them, remind them to bathe, and (at least one of them) needs me to change their diaper on a regular basis. But even with all of that, I have found that my little family has held me together and kept me from unravelling on more than one occasion. Especially my 13 year old daughter who managed to take charge of the whole situation within the first 48 hours. Thank God for that one!

4.) The internet isn't really all that bad. (Disclaimer-except for facebook!) With the lack of person-person interaction I will admit that the internet has been great for connecting with friends, family and even random strangers that "like" your photos on instagram! Under normal circumstances I try to limit my kids from hanging out online too much. But admittedly, its been pretty cool that they get to "virtually" hang out with their friends online. It's not much, but it's better than nothing.

5.) Getting outside is a game-changer! Sure there have been days when I did not get outside at all, but we don't talk about those days... Good days = Going outside. I've never been happier to put on coat and just take a walk!

Wishing you good health and warmth.