Big things come in small packages

It's been some time since I've written a blog post and my most honest excuse is that I've been distracted... I write today to update you all that as of today, I am 18 weeks pregnant. You might guess that a 41 year old mother of two (a 12 year old daughter and 9 year old son) was not expecting this to happen at this stage in her life and you would be right. But to say that I am not overjoyed with the prospect of feeling that little kick in my belly one more time or reveling in the smell of a newborn baby clothes, would be a lie. I'm thrilled that after 41 years, life is still throwing me curve balls, keeping me on my toes, and shaking up the dynamic of my comfy family of four with the addition of a (hopefully) healthy and rambunctious little boy that will make us a family of five.

I realize this news may be strange to share on a blog mostly dedicated to fashion and outerwear, but I wanted to let you know first hand that you can expect some changes from my business this year, as many of my friends have been are asking me, "What will you do!?"

What I promise will not change is that...

I am still committed to making you and bringing you well-made, quality coats that are fashionable, warm, elegant, stylish, and timeless and will be sure to be the envy of all your friends.

For those of you who don't know my back story, being a clothing designer has been a dream of mine since I was a child. My goal, as a mother is to encourage my children that they should follow their dreams and live their best life. I have no plan on stopping this lovely little business that has brought me so much joy. I whole-heartedly enjoy hearing my children cheer me on with every success and I strive to be an example to them that motherhood can be one of many things that defines a woman's life.

As a current mother of two, I am not entirely blind to that fact that having a newborn baby will require a ton of my attention and challenge my ability to multi-task. So while you can expect my unwavering commitment to the quality of my work, you can expect some small changes as well.

Here is what will change...

This year I will not be doing as many in-person events and shows. This is to ensure that my time outside of my work can be spent with family. So, if you see that I am doing a show...please come!!!! They will be few and far between.

The other change is that... I will be offering more pre-order sales opportunities then ever before. This year, I will be breaking my up-coming collection into a variety of release dates. Each release will come with a pre-order opportunity for you - the people who a read still reading this post. So please take advantage of my offers to pre-order (for a discounted price!) when you can. Pre-ordering ALWAYS makes my life easier since it eliminates a ton of guesswork on what it is you REALLY want so that I can bring you EXACTLY what you want.

And lastly, if you have not subscribed to this newsletter yet, please do! You will be the first to know about the lovely coats and jackets entering the world this year and you may also hear a tiny bit about the new human entering the world this year as well.



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