The Stylish Mom's Back to School List

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Tomorrow my kids head "back to school" and in many ways I will be too. As a college teacher and outerwear designer, the first day of my calendar year might as well officially start on Labor Day. From that point forward I'll be working non-stop on my outerwear line, prepping for my classes, and getting my kids to and from various activities and school. With all this in mind, I wanted to share a few essentials for my carpool routine.

1.) A Shinola Planner. I love this planner since it is an 18 month planner that begins in July and ends in December of the following year, this allows me to plan for the upcoming school year and even pencil in some travel plans for 2019.

2.) Veja Sneaks I gave up on uncomfortable shoes long ago. These shoes are made of ecological and sustainable materials so I can feel good about my purchase and comfortable at the same time.

3.) Liverpool Jeans Admit ably, I don't know much about the sustainability of theses jeans in terms of the materials used or manufacturing but at an $80 price tag and an impeccable fit, I can tell you that I wear these jeans daily!

4.) Canteen Bag by Mansur Gavriel Ok a girl can dream. And while I can't afford this bag this year, if you can afford one, please consider picking one up for me.

5.) Car Coat My favorite coat in the line, for sure. This is my go-to coat for PTO meetings and nights out with my girlfriends. This coat will take you from day to night and even cover up your messy workout clothes when you choose to stay in them all day. Not that I've done that....this week.

6.) Re-usable Bee's Wax Wrap This one may not have been on your kids school list, but every stylish mom knows your kids need to be stylish too. What can be more stylish then saving a ziplock bag from going into the garbage pail every day at lunch time. Start using re-usable wraps instead of ziplock bags for yourself and your kiddos, because it's cool to be green.

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