The capsule wardrobe and the 10 x 10 challenge

I'll never forget the moment I fell in love with fashion. I was "back to school" shopping" with my mom at our local mall. I had grown out of most of my clothing and was entering into the awkward stage in my life (around 12 years old) where I was no longer a child but still not a teen. We struggled to find the right fit and style for my age until we entered into the 80's fashion mecca...

The Gap.

With Billy Idol blaring in the background I watched my mom work the aisles assembling clothes that she knew would solve our problem. She picked two tops, one shirt, two bottoms, a belt, a jacket and a sweater all in the same color scheme. She explained to me that we could simply "mix and match" these pieces to create a multitude of looks. I found myself suddenly stunned by my mother's artistry and resolved to learn more about this thing called fashion.

Decades later, like many Americans, I am waking up from a massive hangover from over-purchasing fashion items. My twenties, and thirties were littered with shopping trips for a cute top for the night or an adorable pair of trendy shoes (see previous blog post on my shoe failure). The idea of wearing something twice, let alone considering how it worked with the other items in my closet, was not a concern of mine.

As a result of my binge behavior, I've found out that (like many things) my mom was right. Fashion is more then just the one item, it's about how you put it all together.

Recently, I sat down with Chicago stylist, Megan Jedlinski to discuss our mutual love of fashion and concern/ hope for a more sustainable fashion future. (Interview to come!)

Megan who is building a minimalist lifestyle is also a recovering hoarder. We joked about our mutual addiction to craft supplies and current obsession with the color grey.

Recently, Megan embarked on wardrobe challenge that reminded me of my mom's "mixing and matching" called the 10 x 10.

10 x 10 is a simple concept that challenges women to pick 10 pieces from their closet and style them 10 different ways in 10 days. With an eye for key pieces, Megan mastered the challenge. Her picks (pictured in this post) consisted of two pairs of pants, two sweaters, a white button down, a black long-sleeve top, striped long-sleeve top, short-sleeve hoodie, and two pairs of sneakers.

What I love about this challenge is that it's only 10 days, so you don't need to toss out all your clothes or even pack them away. You just need to push yourself to be a little more creative with what you have for 10 days in the hopes of building a capsule wardrobe with what you already have.

You can follow Megan on instagram here or follow the challenge at #10x10friends to get more ideas on how to rock a modern capsule wardrobe that would make your mother proud.

Pictured below - Megan Jedlinski - Chicago Style Blogger

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