Tips for removing stains

Inspired by the book, Loved Clothes Last, my New Years resolution for 2018 is to make my clothes LAST! For those of you who follow this blog regularly you know I value longevity and quality in clothing. However, every garment is prone to stains. Accidents happen to even the most well made pieces of clothing. In fact, sometimes it seems as though the worst accidents happen to our most favorite pieces of clothing. Recently I ran into a woman who a had purchased one of our Car Coats. After telling me how much she loved the coat (me - smiling inside) she mentioned that she had a acquired a small stain on the front of the coat (me - dying inside.) She asked for a tip to get the stain out, to which I soap!

Liquid Dish Soap - is a great stain remover, especially when it comes to food stains that contain oil and grease. Try a little bit on a small inconspicuous spot of your stained garment before applying it whole hog. In most cases, a small bit mixed with water does the trick, in some cases it can discolor the fabric so proceed with caution.

DISCLAIMER! Every stain is different and every garment is different so treat them accordingly. Always check your care label when it comes to whether or not wash or dry clean your garments. Here are a few more tips from me and Loved Clothes Last.

Coffee and Tea - (for washables) mix 1/3 white vinegar with 2/3 water. Soak the stain asap, then follow your instructions for washing. Add a little bit more vinegar to your wash cycle for good measure. Vinegar is a great because it's a low cost, effective cleaner.

Wine - Try sprinkling some baby powder or salt to soak up up the wine. After 20 or so minutes, shake off the excess and repeat.

Make-up - Apply a bit of shaving cream, rub it in and rinse with cold water and repeat.

Blood - Cold water works wonders on blood. For small blood stains as a result of cuts or scrapes "on the go" - try spitting on it. The enzymes in your own saliva will help break down the stain on it's way to the cold wash cycle.

Lastly, if you find that (like me) you are accident prone - WEAR BLACK. It's fashionable and hides everything.

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