Beautifully crafted, impactful gifts

The older I get, the less enchanted I am with the holiday season. I love giving gifts and firmly believe that it is "better to give than to receive," yet in the digital era I find that gifts have less and less meaning. In the search to find the perfect gift, I've started to look for gifts that have a larger impact on the global economy and individual lives of people with good intentions. I figure if I'm going to participate in the holiday season, I should start doing so with more care and attention.

Here are three recent finds, all available a click away.

Chilote Slippers - I feel somewhat guilty for promoting this brand only because my mom makes a pretty mean slipper. However, since my mom doesn't sell her slippers, it would be unkind of me not to share these amazing slippers which are a very close second place. Hand knit in Patagonia using sustainable wool and up-cycled salmon leather, Chilote slippers are a beautiful gift for any age. With your purchase of these authentic, award winning, and sustainable wool slippers, you directly empower artisan women to sustain their culture and community doing what they know and love – knitting.

GlobeIn - Beautifully curated and crafted artisan gifts from around the globe. These gifts are not only unique but impactful in that they support artistry and cultural preservation within developing countries. Offering gift boxes with such titles as "chef", "tea time", "travel," "pamper" - you are certain to find the right box for every type of person in your life. In addition to the artisan boxes, GlobeIn also offers a monthly subscription service to those who want to experience worldly crafts on a monthly basis. GlobeIn also allows you to customize your gift items if you can't find the perfect gift box option.

Farmgirl Flowers - What can be better then fresh cut flowers? Locally sourced, individually designed bouquets wrapped in burlap and delivered to your door. This San Francisco based company began with a desire to change the flower industry by sourcing flowers in the United States. After six years in business, Farmgirl Flowers are 80% grown in the USA and entirely USA grown bouquets can be requested if desired. Purchasing Farmgirl Flowers not only supports this San Fransisco business but USA farmers, while reducing fossil fuels needed to import flowers.