10 Chicago Designers that you should know right now.

When I look back on my last year in business as a Women's Outerwear Designer for Coat Check Chicago, I'm often amazed by the amount of talented people that I have met. Last night I popped by the Style Chicago event to say "hello" to few of my fellow designer friends and it occurred to me that perhaps some of you may not know all of these amazing folks. So without further ado...

Here are 10 Chicago Designers that you should get to know right now.

Hewn - Former colleague of mine a Columbia College Chicago and Hewn Quality Goods Designer, Dieter Kirkwood embraces craftsmanship like no other. Each of his hand-made bags depicts his greatest skill - "getting it right."

Evi Simjan - Evi Simjan has one request, try on her shoes. Setting out years ago on "mission impossible" to design hi-heeled, comfortable shoes, Evi has done just that. One step in her stylish heels and you will not be able to deny her success.

Argaman & Defiance - Equal part educator and designer, Lydia Crespo will not only make you a one-of-a-kind scarf, but she will teach you how to do it. Holding workshops in Shibori, Tie Dye, and Weaving, Lydia is not afraid to share her trade secrets with you over a glass a wine.

Holly and Tanager - Taking the luxury bag business by storm while continuing to identify functionality, the duo behind Holly and Tanager are re-defining what it means to carry a bag.

Syl Markt - Living a parallel life to my own, Lauren Markt and I always have a lot to talk about. This Parson's grad, Boulder, Co transplant, has an eye for hi-end designer style that is undeniable along with the hi-end sarcastic humor to match.

Anna Brown - Designing statement pieces for the modern woman, this cool, calm and collected soul inspires the inner artist in all of us. As mother of two, juggling life as a designer, Anna is amazingly zen-like at every moment.

Production Mode - Embracing a slow fashion approach like no other, Jamie Hayes considers every element of the design process down to the fabric itself. Her latest collection was not only made locally but woven locally through Chicago's own Weaving Mill.

Wulfka - Creating clothing for the inner goddess in all of us, Kate Van Asten is quite the goddess herself. Doing virtually every aspect of her business herself, this FIT grad has taken DIY to a whole new level.

Ann Catherine - known for her whimsical yet elegant "shadow play" scarves, Ann Catherine will brighten up you day and outfit.

Ellie Day - Fellow Oak Park , IL resident, designer and mom, Ellie and I actually met through our sons' t-ball team. Ellie's bridal and special collections embrace timeless, elegance while using nothing but the most stunning fabrics available.

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