Five Reasons to ditch your yoga pants and dress up this Fall

We've all seen it first hand, the athleisure trend has been growing for some time and has finally reached it's peak. Whether your a person who is athletic or a person who enjoys leisure (like me) this trend has spoken to all of us in some way.

I'll admit, I work from home so there's really not much reason for me to change from leggings (pajamas) into another pair of leggings (work-out clothing) into another pair of leggings (mom gear) on most days. But this fall, I've resolved to ditch those yoga pants and dress up for a change. Here's why..

1.) Dressing up just makes you feel better. Every time I look good, I feel my good. Plain and simple.

2.) Can I be honest? Yoga pants don't really leave much to the imagination. Sure leggings have come a long way since the 1990's and Lululemon is amazing, and blah, blah, blah. But there is no amount of lycra that will shrink my derriere from a size 8 to a size 4.

3.) While we're on the topic of working out... it's fall! Your not REALLY going to work out, are you?!?!

Let's not kid ourselves. If you are living in Chicago, it's time to begin the slow process of hibernation where you get to know the local restaurant scene a little better, eat cheese, and sleep until the spring. Why not just toss a classy coat over yourself and snuggle up next to that bartender?

4.) Fashion has the power to communicates WHO YOU ARE! Don't get me wrong, you are ALL beautiful, and what is on the INSIDE is more important then what is on the OUTSIDE. Of course!

However, looking frazzled usually communicates that you are frazzled and if you want to make the impression that you are put together person, dress the part!

5.) Anti-fashion is always in fashion. Sure, the world is going to hell in a hand-basket and fast!...

But there is no need join it!!!! Give the status quo the middle finger by showing it some class!

Perhaps the rest of the world will take the cue from you.