Designer Share

This summer, I did the most amazing thing. I rented a dress. Ok, so maybe my idea of amazing is different from yours. And maybe I'm a little late to the game. After all, rentable clothing is nothing new. But, for some reason it took me a while to come around to the idea. I've always had a great time shopping and I thought that a rental would not nearly be as fun. Turns out (like many other things) I was wrong. The process was totally easy and equally fun. I received a ton of compliments on a dress that I could not otherwise afford. And when I was done, I was able to pop the dress in the mail instead of adding it to the already crowded racks in my closet.

This fall, after a friend suggested I put a few of the coats from Coat Check up on Designer Share, I knew immediately it was a great idea. I had no problem getting over the "hump" of rental. What's different (and really cool) about Designer Share vs. other sites is that it's entirely peer - peer based. Meaning - YOU can rent your pieces too! Just think of all the goodies on your closet that I could be wearing right now! Ok that may be a bit much... but I'm sure you have a nice bag I could borrow? right? Check it out. You'll find the Coat Check Bomber there as seen here on Ali Stone. And if you have that pink canteen bag from Mansur Gavriel could you post it on Designer Share please? I need that bag. But not for $750 and not for the rest of my life. I'll be content to have it for a month, (or year!)

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