Style Influencer Search
Where did you get that!?!?
  • Do you get stopped on the streets and complimented on your amazing style?
  • Do you have a social media following that turns to you for style advice?
  • We are launching a style influencer search for 2021 and would love for you to apply!
  • We are searching for women sizes XS-3X who are looking to make a statement with our classic inspired outerwear!
  • If accepted you can expect to receive a coupon code for anywhere between 50%-100% off our products along with email correspondence on our partnership program and details.
  • Stipends for advanced marketeers will be considered as long as they fit within the scope of our budget for this project.
Who We Are
  • Coat Check Chicago is a small yet growing women's outerwear line, ethically manufactured in Chicago, IL.
  • Founded in 2014 by designer Liz Williams, Coat Check Chicago's goal has always be to create designer-quality / functional outerwear that will stand the test of time while bringing about a renewed appreciation for quality craftsmanship.
  • Named a "Power Player" in 2016 by Michigan Avenue Magazine, designer Liz Williams is changing the shape or outerwear in Chicago and beyond.
  • Inspired by Vintage silhouettes, Coat Check Chicago blends vintage aesthetics with modern functionality.

    Who Can Apply

    • Super Fans - You have been with us since day one! You own 4 or more of our coats and jackets and are already singing our praises!
    • Super Fans in the Making - You've been eyeing our pieces and are ready to jump in! You have been considering making a purchase and love our brand! You can't wait to try one of our pieces so that you can share it with your growing social media following.
    • Classic Style Influencers - You are already getting noticed for your impeccable style that makes a statement. You have a following of over 10,000 style mavens on instagram, you believe in our small business and want to see us grow and succeed!

    What to Expect

    • If accepted we will ask you take photos or videos of yourself in our product and promote one of our monthly giveaways.
    • We are happy to work with you in a way that is unique to you. Ex: IG reels, blog posts, social media posts, stories, or simply emailing your friends are all possible ways to share and promote our giveaways!
    • If you are not accepted we ask that you please apply again in the future! We are a very small company with limited resources and simply cannot accept everyone. We will be looking at a variety of factors when deciding upon our 2021 style influencers and wholeheartedly promise that none of these factors are personal.