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First off, can anyone please explain school lists to me these days? When I was a kid I remember purchasing a new backpack, maybe a cool new pencil case, gathering a handful of pencils and pens from from my mom's desk drawer, and calling it a day.

Wow things have changed.

I just walked in the door from my annual school supply trip to Target and I'm not even sure how my child is going to carry all of these items to school. Three containers of clorox wipes, 2 rolls of paper towels, literally 72 pencils, expo markers, sharpie markers, washable markers...The list goes one...for three pages. And I'm not even kidding.

Back to School shopping in the year 2021 is exhausting. And frankly I'm a bit bummed, because it's supposed to be fun!

Back to School season should be the time when you set a resolution to look stylish and amazing every day (and then steadily decline into sweat pants.) Back to school is when you promise yourself that you will stay organized (until you realize you stopped writing down your homework assignments in early October.) But most importantly, Back to School shopping is supposed to make you FEEL ARMED to tackle whatever life has in store for you in the coming school year. 

So with that in mind, I wanted to share six items that I am excited about that I think you should add to your personal shopping list this school season. 

1.) My kids will be the first to tell you that I'm forgetful. Oddly enough, I am able to keep track of a ton of events and deadlines as they pertain to my business. Last year, I discovered this Great Big Calendar and I swear it has kept me on my toes. At 25" x 20" it's easy to spot from a glance across the room, keeping me on track for whatever is ahead of me that day.

Big Calendar

2.)  Sorel Sneakers I gave up on uncomfortable shoes long ago. I love these shoes because they are easy to slip on over both bare feet and socks. They are stylish enough to make my look appear pulled together, but athletic enough for me to be able to race my kids to the car.

Sorel Sneakers


3.) Do you remember the days when fanny packs were out of style? Me neither. That's because designers like Sophia Branen of Directive Made are making them look sooooo good that we have (almost) forgotten about the bad ones. Now you can slip in you smart phone, keys, and a few extra bucks for lunch money in THIS Back to School Bag.


 4.) With Back to School Season upon us, I'm hoping to carve out a few more nights out with my girlfriends. And while I'm always a big fan a Statement Coat, Statement Earrings like these by Chikahisa Studio cannot be beat.


Chikahisa Statement Earings

 5.) We all know that moms love leggings. But only stylish moms can rock vegan, zero waste leggings like these by Malaika New York.



6.) The Car Coat. This coat is my favorite coat in the line. It is my go-to coat for PTO meetings, hockey practices, and nights out with my girlfriends. I love this coat because it covers me up in a cinch and can easily elevate a pair of jeans and a tee-shirt. I'm always getting compliments from the other moms when I wear this coat.


Car Coat





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  • Love all of these stips, and I don’t have kids who are going back to school. :)

    Sheila Ondrachek on

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